Interview with Ricardo Kakà and Marco Materazzi (x)

0.38 which one of you is more beautiful?
Marco Materazzi: Him
Ricardo Kakà: me
0.45 Kakà convince everyone that you’re not as good as they say:
Kakà: I am what I am…
0.52 Exchange of roles, Materazzi try to be polite and Kakà pissed.
-There’s one that you don’t pass the ball:
M: patience…
K: give me the ball ooh!
-There is someone pouring coffee on you:
K: be careful, damn!
M: don’t worry, my wife will wash the shirt!
-There is one that put his hand on your ass:
K: are you gay?
M: noo!
-Why women like you so much?
K: it’s a mystery
M: And where are they?
1:23 How to overcome Materazzi?
K: in speed
How to overcome Kakà?
1:59 What do you think when Kakà dribling you?
M: and now what?
When Materazzi steals the ball:
K: you bastard!
2.25 What do you say to Gattuso that admits to being homosexual?
K: good luck!
M: Ringhio I can’t believe it!
Moratti who don’t have the money to pay coffee for you:
M: controls well that’s got something in his pocket
K: I offer you President
2:42 Who of your teammates has the longest pea?
K: Clarence
more smelly breath
K: none
M: When he eat Brazilian food, Julio Cesar
And who is the most beautiful?
M: Figo
Kaka: me
Who is the ugliest?
K: Gattuso
M: Julio Cesar
Who is the most skinflint?
M: Julio Cesar, he hasn’t even the clock
K: Dida, doesn’t offer anything when it’s his birthday
The most asshole?
M: No, I can’t say it
K: The more shit in a good way? Billy (Alessandro Costacurta)
The most complainer?
K: Nesta
M: we don’t have any fortunately
The match that made you despair:
M: May 5, Inter lost, we lost the Scudetto
K: the final in Istanbul
What did you think after that match?
K: we got there so close and then we lost
M: when I happen?
Why Inter never win?
K: mystery
M: We are losers
5:20 A quality of the other:
K: a big heart
M: everything
A defect of the other:
M: I should see you naked
K: sometimes the nastiness on the field
Confess to him a secret:
K: we’ll win Friday
M: My son is crazy by you, he is in love with you and is Milanista.

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