se hai il potere di rendere felice una persona, fallo. (presso Antica Trattoria del Ragno)

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e se ci pensi bene, l’amore è fatta di piccole felicità insignificanti (presso Antica Trattoria del Ragno)

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ci teneva a stare sul morbido 😚 (presso Antica Trattoria del Ragno)

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buona notte 😫❤ @reimidalv

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I love Ricky so much. I think I’ll miss him forever. And everyday I’m frustrated that there are no words to describe him. He exists, but there are no words for him. How is that even possible? He is a work of art, spectecular, breathtaking, a miracle. We might not be in our best times, and we might be losing, and we might have all the bad luck, but we still have our miracle. And I thank God every day for the beaming light that is Ricky Kaka.

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Ricky Kakà gets an ovation everytime he’s subbed off, regardless of how he played. Because, Milan knows, Curva Sud knows, we all know: This is the man who fights for us. This is the man who refuses to be sick, and plays through his fever. This is the man who gives up his salary for us. He is the light of our hearts, he who has saved us countless times. These days, the clubs that face us aren’t so afraid anymore, but they still think ‘we should be careful, they have Kakà’. He gets an ovation because he is our prince. He gets an ovation because he stands above our judgement. We don’t judge him like normal players anymore, because he gave us his heart, success, glory, everything we could have wished for; and most of all true love. We aren’t just his home, we want to be his home. So we applaud him, and sing for him. Because we love him.

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As I said, when I was a little boy I was a big Sao Paulo fan so I’ve always followed Kaka from a very early age. And I know that I play in the same position as him so he was my hero ever since I was little. I used to love watching him play. —


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AC Milan play dodgeball in training
Kaka hides ball in his shirt and hits Abate

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